All necessary parts for installation in one kit.
Navi-INE-W710D-in-Jeep-Renegade-with-KIT-7RNG INE-W990HDMI-in-Jeep-Renegade-with-KIT-7RNG Renegade-Installation-Accessories-for-Navigation-Unit-INE-W987D-Alpine-KIT-7RNG iLX-702D-in-Jeep-Renegade-with-KIT-7RNG Renegade-Installation-Accessories-for-iLX-700-Receiver-with-Apple-CarPlay-Alpine-KIT-7RNG Renegade-Installation-Accessories-for-Mobile-Media-Station-IVE-W585BT-Alpine-KIT-7RNG Renegade-Installation-Accessories-for-Mobile-Media-Station-IVE-W560BT-Alpine-KIT-7RNG Jeep-Renegade-installation-kit-usb-aux-swrc-interface-frame-KIT-7RNG-1000x

7 inch Installation Kit for Jeep Renegade - KIT-7RNG

This installation Kit can be used for Jeep Renegade 2015 -

The parts for mechanical fitting are included as well as interface that allows to retain the car’s original settings on the Alpine display and the optical parking sensor on the original display in the instruments cluster. The acoustic feedback of vehicle parking sensor are retained on the car speaker. The interface will also support the Steering Wheel Remote Control and the original usb socket.

Antenna adapter with phantom feed is included.

Informacija apie produktą

CAN to Video Interface for Jeep Renegade

Jeep Renegade steering wheel keys
Jeep Renegade steering wheel keys will operate the respective functions of the Alpine headunit.

Supports basic functions of original steering wheel remote control including telephone hook on/off. When using this interface for Jeep Renegade it maintains also full functionality of the vehicles menu in the Alpine Display and the acoustic “beep” of the parking sensor.
It can support the original Rear Camera if it is installed.
Vehicle settings of your Jeep Renegade are done through the SWRC and viewed on the screen of the head unit.

Maintain the original Jeep Renegade USB / AUX port

Jeep Renegade USB / AUX port
USB / AUX adapter for original Jeep Renegade USB / Aux port

Installation Kit for Jeep Renegade includes a special adapter that connects the original USB / AUX port with your Alpine system to maintain these useful connectors.

Sąvybės ir specifikacijos


  • Installation kit for Jeep Renegade
  • Steering wheel remote control interface with CAN to analogue conversion, retention of original car menu.
  • USB / AUX adapter for original Jeep Renegade USB / Aux port
  • Antenna Adapter with phantom feed

Compatible with

Maker Model Model year
Jeep Renegade 2015 →


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