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Visos reikalingos dalys - viename komplekte


X803D-U / X802D-U / X800D-U / INE-W928R montavimo komplektas VW Touran, Tiguan, Seat Alhambra, Skoda Roomster, Fabia, Octavia 2 ir kitiems


8" grotuvo montavimo komplekte yra visos dalys, reikalingos X803D-U / X802D-U / X800D-U / INE-W928R montavimui ir prijungimui VW platformos automobiliuose: tvirtinimo dalys, rėmelis, prijungimo jungtys, valdymo multifunkciniu vairu interfeisas (konvertuojantis CAN signalus ir išskiriantis analoginius ACC, greičio bei stovėjimo stabdžio įjungimo signalus), bei antenos prijungimo adapteris.


All necessary parts for installation in one kit.


7-inch Installation Kit for VW Golf, Skoda Octavia II, Seat and others


The parts for mechanical fitting are included as well as a steering wheel remote control interface that also supplies CAN to analogue conversion for ACC, Vehicle Speed Pulse and parking brake.

Antenna adapter is included.