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Visos reikalingos dalys - viename komplekte


X800D-U / INE-W928R montavimo komplektas Audi TT (8J)


Komplekte yra mechaninio tvirtinimo dalys bei interfeisas grotuvo valdymui multifunkciniu vairu, taip pat konvertuojantis ACC, greičio ir stovėjimo stabdžio CAN signalus į analoginius.

Komplekte esančiu interfeisu prijungiamas automobilio prietaisų panelės ekranas (MFD) ir jame atvaizduojama pagrindinė garso sistemos informacija. Komplekte yra antenos prijungimo adapteris.


Exclusively designed for the Audi TT


Premium Alpine Sound System for Audi TT


Exclusively designed for the TT Coupé and Cabriolet, this Alpine sound upgrade will rock your ride.

A high-performance 8-channel digital amplifier with DSP provides the system power and is fully programmed to match your specific TT model.

The system includes a full 3-way front system containing high-end door and mid-range speakers as well as high-performance tweeters.

The original rear speakers are connected to the amplifier as well to complete the system. All required installation parts, cable harness and even a sound deadening kit come included with the system.

You’ll enjoy the strongly improved dynamics, bass performance and total sound quality in your TT.